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What is the Thai Spice Scale?

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May 15, 2022

Thai cuisine boasts a unique flavor, aroma, and vibrant colors rarely found in other delicacies of the world. What makes Thai food such a delicacy are the various spices and herbs used in the recipes. These spices are categorized into different scales for diverse types of dishes. This article discusses the primary Thai food spice scales.

The Spice scale

Thai restaurants number their spices from zero to five. Scale zero is for the food that contains no spices at all. There are four spice levels offered at Eattini: Mild, Little Spicy, Medium Spicy, and Thai hot spicy.


Most Thai dishes contain mild Thai spices. Mild spices deliver a bit of heat categorized at level one. If you are new to Thai food, exercise caution and choose level one for the first few times you eat at your favorite restaurant. Some of the dishes under this level include veggies with sweet chili sauce and spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles on the side.

Little Spicy

If you want your Thai food to have a little more heat, go for a little spicy level, considered moderate. This usually falls at level two on the scale. An Example of a dish under this level is a chicken or noodle dish with dragon pepper, extra bird’s eye chili, or phrik khi nu added.

Medium Spicy

Medium spicy falls under level three on the scale, considered a little on the extreme. Medium spicy is almost uncomfortable for someone not accustomed to Thai dishes, and you should choose this option based on how well you tolerate hot foods. It is ideal for experienced eaters who enjoy a little blast of spicy heat.

Thai hot spicy

Thai hot spicy is undoubtedly the spiciest option with a heat level that replicates the cuisine loved by locals. If you want to eat like a local, opt for this level. However, be prepared to handle extreme heat that takes your adventurous nature to another level.

Taste the best Thai food today

Almost all Thai food contain diverse herbs and spices that help achieve a balance of salty, sour, spicy, and sweet Thai delicacies. Whether you want to prefer mild or very hot tastes, Eattini Thai kitchen has something purposely prepared for you. Check out Eattini Thai restaurant for the best Thai delicacies in town.