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"Eattini" means Eat Right in Thai

Eattini Thai Kitchen has recently opened in February of 2017. We are a family-owned business operation featuring recipes that have been passed down from my mother. She is a master chef and my idol. She did not graduate from a cooking school but she has perfected all the recipes and cooking tips from her own family as well. Ever since I was young I would always help my mom in the kitchen. I first started by shopping at fresh markets in my hometown together with her. I learned all about how to make delicious Thai Food by carefully choosing fresh ingredients to perfect dishes with her. My mother told me she was so proud that I decided to inherit and present her recipes to the United States. When customers come to me with a big smile and compliment about our food, I can see how happy this business has made her. There is so much love passed down from her with these recipes, that’s why we call them “secret recipes by mom.”

Eattini Thai Kitchen is the authentic Thai food with the use of fresh ingredients, quality meats, and tropical herbs. We are focused on bringing quality meals and a great experience to our guests. Specifically, I have mastered a unique Thai Ice Tea formula that is incomparable to other shops. I hope to present our customers with an enjoable experience as they visit our home with my mother’s food.

Finally, I would like to give a special thanks to my mom and dad for always believing in me. Thank you to my sons, my husband, the Bedard family, Montri, and my staff for always supporting me.

It’s all about love.
Nuchy B.
Eattini Thai Kitchen Founder