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Try a Delicious Thai Soup with Your Next Meal!

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March 15, 2022

Nothing warms you up better than a bowl of delicious soup with a meal or snack. You have many options to choose from in Thailand, based on your preferences and what you want to eat.  Eattini offers you the ultimate Thai food Baltimore experience with four choices of delicious and nutrient-rich soups. There are options for vegetarians, vegans, and any picky eaters out there. Here are our four main soups in detail.

Tom Yum Koong2

Tom Yum Koong is a lemongrass broth prepared with tomatoes, shrimp, lime juice, mushrooms, and cilantro. You can have it both as a clear broth or one with a creamier consistency. This soup goes well with bread, chicken fried rice, and chicken pad khing.

Tom Yum Gai Soup

The Eattini Tom Yum Gai Soup adds more ingredients than the Yum Koong. In addition to cilantro, mushrooms, and lemongrass, we add some coconut milk and galangal broth with chicken nuggets. Galangal has a citrus taste with a slight pine flavor. Most people love the low-calorie soup with less spicy dishes, such as beef jerky, Thai fish cake, and Chicken Pad See Euw.

Tom Yum Gai

The Tom Yum Gai soup is similar to the Yum Koong, except that you get the lemongrass broth with chicken. All the other ingredients, such as lime juice, cilantro, mushrooms, and tomatoes, are the same. Most people like to have the soup with fish and vegetable dishes, such as summer vegetables with shrimp and Eattini garden rolls, among others.

Tom Kha Hedd Soup

The Tom Kha Hedd Soup combines ingredients from the Tom Yum Gai Soup and the Tom Yum Koong. You get the lemongrass and galangal broth with coconut milk, mushrooms, cilantro, and lime juice. The soup has a slightly citrusy taste and a somewhat thicker consistency than the rest of the soups discussed above.

You can have Tom Kha Hedd Soup with a wide range of meals, including pork, fish, and chicken dishes. It is also an excellent soup to take with a light snack as it provides various nutrients and fills your stomach quite fast.

Finding Thai Food in Baltimore

Ensure that your Thai Food Baltimore order comes with a bowl of the amazing soup. Please find out more about our soups, other delicacies, desserts, snacks, and meals on our menu by visiting Eattini.