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Tips on How to Enjoy a Thai Restaurant

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December 15, 2021

Thai cuisine is famous for irresistibly spicy, hot, and sweet taste. People travel far and wide to experience a taste of Thai delicacies from their favorite local hotspots. However, if you have never been to a Thai Baltimore Restaurant before, you may feel overwhelmed on what to order, or what each dish is. Here is a basic guide on what to order, how to order, and what dishes are best for you!

The Basic Foods To Expect in a Thai Restaurant

There is a dish for everyone on a Thai menu, from kids to vegans to meat lovers.

A slice of crunchy pork marinated with garlic and fresh vegetables will never go wrong. Neither does a spicy Chinese eggplant accompanying shrimp tails.

The finger-licking ground chicken KA-PROW is to die for, and don’t get us started on the curry served with Jasmine rice and chicken, pork, tofu, or vegetables at Eattini Thai Kitchen. Please be sure to try stir-fried Thai chicken, rice noodles, broccoli, or string beans.

You can also order beef dipped in oyster sauce and try seafood such as salmon grilled with basil sauce or crab-fried rice.

Are you a light feeder? You won’t regret trying out Thai soups, including lemongrass, coconut milk, mushroom, tomatoes, and cilantro-made soups.

For kids, deep-fried Southern Thai style chicken served with plum sauce or a stir-fried chicken with noodles and a natural fruit juice will always do the trick.

Trying Out Thai Baltimore Foods For The First Time?

Any beginner who appreciates a combination of hot, sweet, and sour taste should try the Tom Yung Goong dish. It’s a soup made from exclusive Thai ingredients like lime leaves, galangal, and lemongrass. Your taste buds are bound to long for more afterward.

Curries are a signature Thai recipe, and yellow and green curries are perfect for a first-timer. They come with a meaty, spicy, yet smooth texture depending on the combination of ingredients. But one thing is for sure; a Thai Baltimore curry will give you a magical experience and the drive to try out new meals.

Eattini Thai Kitchen: Enjoy A Classic Thai Baltimore Meal

The best tip to enjoying a Thai Baltimore meal is choosing one with the best menu, with clearly categorized meal combinations and a brief explanation of what to expect. At Eattini Thai Kitchen, we fit the profile. Whether it’s your first time dining at a Thai restaurant or you’re an expert at Thai dishes, we’ll have a meal for you.

Beginners can try out our specialty stir-fried meats served with grilled vegetables and sauces. Don’t forget to order a Thai-style omelet, rice, or noodles as a side dish. We’re also your go-to Thai restaurant for the best street dishes, and we’ll customize our desserts and snacks to satisfy your needs.

If you ever want to try Thai Baltimore dishes, consider starting at Eattini Thai Kitchen. Visit us any time!