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Thai Omelets May Be Different Than You Expect

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October 15, 2021

In America, omelets are a traditional breakfast with bacon and toast. In Thailand, they are often eaten as a side dish or filling snack rather than a morning meal. Served with the iconic Sriracha, it has been for many years a popular street food and a comfort dish in Thailand. Although it requires some technique, it is well worth the effort.  If you are looking for Thai Food in Columbia MD, you might want to give Khai Jiao a try!

Why Khai Jiao Is Different Than Other Omelets

When preparing Khai Jiao, you cannot miss one key ingredient, which is fish sauce. Fish sauce gives it a crispy caramelized outside and multiple soft inner layers. You can substitute fish sauce with soy sauce and add lime juice, corn starch, and vegetables or meat to make the dish a bit heartier and more flavorful.

Thai-style omelets make the perfect side dish with rice and meat or stir-fried vegetables. They get prepared with more savory ingredients such as onions, herbs, spices, steamed pork, or chicken, making them ideal for a quick lunch or a late-night dinner. The use of few ingredients makes them affordable and convenient. They can be deep-fried in a wok or frying on a saucepan.

This trick is to use plenty of oil to ensure the egg does not get stuck or burnt during the cooking process. Also, make sure that the pan is sizzling hot before pouring in your batter. The result is a crispy, delicious omelet that makes an excellent topping to a rice dish or a vegetable curry. It makes for a tasty meal in minutes.

Many Khai Jiao ingredients include tomatoes, onions, and scallions, and served with Sriracha. This Thai trademark sauce is chunky and moderately spicy. All you need is sun-ripened jalapeno peppers with a dash of garlic to balance out the flavor. You can dip your omelet in the Sriracha or squirt it directly onto the dish. Its tangy flavor complements the savory Khai Jiao perfectly.

Where To Get Thai Food in Columbia MD

Find out more by checking out Eattini Thai Kitchen or stop by their restaurant located in Elliott City. They serve a variety of dishes, including Khai Jiao, pork, chicken and fish. Enjoy this staple comfort food at Eattini whenever you are looking for Thai Food in Columbia MD.