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Essential Spices for Thai Recipes!

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April 15, 2022

Nothing tickles my heart like a hot plate of Thai Cuisine. What else could you ask for, from the attractive colors to the burst of flavors? Do you want it hot and spicy, sweet or sour, bold or subtle, perhaps cool and soothing? You can get all this from a Thai plate. What better place to satisfy your Thai cravings than from a Thai Restaurant Maryland such as Eattini Thai Kitchen. Be warned. You will be coming back for more!

Essential Thai flavors and spices

What is Thai food without an outstanding balance of spice, aroma, and flavor? From ginger to cinnamon to cilantro or chili peppers. I could go on and on. Nevertheless, the point is crystal; thanks to the abundance in various flavors, there is so much to expect.

It is imperative to note that there’s no Thai food without these basic spices and flavors:

1.Red and Green Chilies

If you love your food hot as I do, then Thai food certainly has got you covered. However, it does not stop there. I often choose to go hotter with the prig kee nu- bird’s eyes chilies. One fact I can attest to, the smaller and thinner chilies are often underrated but not in Thai Restaurant Maryland. They give you a balance between the burning sensation with a combo of other ingredients to make the most delicious Panang Curry I have ever tasted.


Locally known as Ob Chuey, cinnamon is widely used to garnish meals and curries. Its sweet and savory aroma gives most Thai dishes a unique mix of spicy, sweet, and delightful flavors. Additionally, they contribute a rich, enticing color that will leave your mouth watering. If you want to try out some cinnamon-flavored dishes, I advise you to start with a Massaman curry.


Green, yellow, red, or black peppers. We have to admit that these ingredients are the icing on the cake. Luckily, Thai food serves you with lots of pepper to satisfy your taste buds. Pepper is often seasoning in most meals, tying the flavors perfectly.


From the leaves to the stem and roots, every part of a cilantro plant is very aromatic and flavorful. Otherwise known as coriander, this fragrant ingredient is widely used for seasoning pastes and as a last touch to Thai food. Cilantro tastes amazing in Thai’s special hotpot dish- Jim jum.


Cumin not only has plenty of nutritional benefits but is also widely used to enhance most Thai curries. It is often blended with cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves to give the perfect balance in flavor.

Thai food flavor combinations

These ingredients are great, but a combination of one or more is even better. Common varieties often include several herbs and seeds to add fragrance, flavor, or aroma to the individual Thai dishes. These combinations usually include coriander, holy basil, ginger, turmeric, etc., depending on the taste one wants to achieve.

Finding a Thai Restaurant in Maryland

Thai cuisine is a masterpiece. To find out more, try it out for yourself at a Thai Restaurant Maryland for a fantastic Thai experience. Thank me later!