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Crispy Pork with Chinese Broccoli is Delicious!

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November 15, 2021

Thai Restaurants never disappoint, due to the talent and experience in the kitchen. Eattini, an incredible Thai restaurant in Maryland, serves the best Thai dishes in all of Maryland. Of the many menu items, crispy pork with Chinese broccoli is gaining popularity amongst our diners for the tasty mixture of ingredients skillfully put together. Give it a try today by stopping by or ordering carry out from Eattini!

What Goes into Crispy Pork?

If you are looking for a well-balanced meal, then you should opt for the rispy Thai pork; an incredibly delicious meal mixed with Chinese broccoli. Combined with pork belly, garlic and oyster source, the dish is enough to guarantee a smile. Care to find out more?

Making various Thai dishes could be complicated, but this one is more straightforward, and of course is handled by our expert chefs. so, how then do we make our Thai crispy pork with Chinese broccoli?

Preparation of our Thai Crispy Pork

First, we cut the pork slice by slice, dice red chili and Chinese broccoli (not forgetting to crush the garlic and fry on low heat). The next step would be to stir sugar and sauces over high heat, adding little water to make a fine paste. Into the paste, we then add red chili and cook for under one minute. Our chefs then transfer the seasoned Chinese broccoli a serving dish, meanwhile slicing the fine roasted pork belly and arranging it on top of the broccoli. Hungry to learn more?

Any pork enthusiast would like the dish without hesitation. For first timers to Thai food, the Thai crispy pork with Chinese broccoli could be very spicy. However, at our Thai Restaurant in Maryland, the amount of red pepper used is subject to the preference of our customers. We recommend all diners to try this delicacy to enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal at a local favorite restaurant.

Finding a Thai Restaurant Maryland

Place your order at the Eattini Thai Kitchen today to sample our pork and other menu options. We promise – you’re gonna love it!