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Change Up Your Order With These Thai Dishes

Thai food

September 15, 2022

Perhaps you’re a person who doesn’t know much about Thai food so they only stick to the one or two dishes they know. Or maybe, you’re a creature of habit and always order the same thing. Fortunately, when you order from a Thai restaurant in Baltimore, a variety of interesting and tasty dishes are available by merely placing an order. Here are a few lesser-known options.

Yam Pla Dook Foo

That’s just a fancy way of saying, “crispy fried catfish with a green mango salad.” You’ve probably never heard of fluff, crispy fish, at least not until now. The cook will flake the fish into tiny pieces before frying it. This gives it a crunchy outside and fluffy inside. The chef then adds a green mango sauce that’s bursting with flavor; it’s sour, sweet, and spicy, all rolled into one.

Goong Ten

The nickname of this dish is dancing shrimp because these crustaceans are still alive when you eat them. Don’t be scared, though! This is a dish the Thai people serve that’s often a hit. This recipe consists of baby shrimp, fish sauce, dry chili, Thai seasonings, chopped onion, and roasted rice. Once done, the chef squeezes some lime on top.

Hoy Kraeng

Hoy kraeng, also referred to as blood clams or blood cockles, is a street snack popular in Bangkok. Don’t panic yet. The blood part of this dish is because of the color of the meat, not blood. The chef will either boil or steam these clams and cover them in the sauce.

Koi Nuea

Simply put, koi nuea is spicy raw beef with herbs. Yes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wouldn’t like this one, but if you’re a risk taker, it’s a delicacy. The chef will make this dish using raw beef, spicy chilies, fish sauce, and mint and other herbs. The cook finishes it with a squeeze of lime for flavor and to “cook” the meat.

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