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A Guide to Thai Food and Beverage Pairings

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August 15, 2021

Think Thai food, and the first thing that likely comes to your mind is spiciness. Our Thai restaurant in Maryland boasts excellent combinations of traditional Thai food and sensational beverages.

Try Combinations of Thai Iced Tea and Spicy Dishes

When it comes to Thai food, it is a tradition to serve all the dishes at once. Thanks to this line-up, you can enjoy some of the brilliant combinations at the same sitting. If you are yet to try food and beverage combinations in a Thai restaurant, you can start your journey with us.

Having Thai iced tea with spicy dishes is one of the best traditional Asian food and beverage pairings. You can either try our flavorful black tea or choose Thai hot tea to experience the original flavor of the dish.

Contrary to its name, Thai hot tea is a cold and spicy drink. If the flavor becomes overwhelming, you can alternately stick to a good combination of standard iced tea and a traditional spicy dish.

Combine Wine and Meat-Centered Dishes

The traditional dishes you get in our Thai restaurant can be more diverse than just chili-filled stir-fries and hot curries. A combination of refreshing wine and a Thai dish with robust spices and textures can refresh your taste buds.

Reds like Zinfandel give a nice balance to any meat-based Thai dish like shrimp pad Thai and chicken massaman curry. If you are trying beef satay, order a full-bodied Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon alongside the dish.

Sweeter Rieslings favor the saltiness of pad Thai, bringing out the flavors of peanut and coconut from the dish.

Try Appetizers and Beer

When it comes to Thai food, beer is a great pairing option. If you prefer beet to wine and Thai tea options, you can order Thai beer brands like Leo, Singha, or Chang alongside any dish.

Singha’s intense bitter flavors complement seafood and dishes with rich sauces. Whatever option you choose, you’ll have a delicious pairing.

Find Out More about the Best Thai Restaurant in Maryland

Book a table at the Eattini Thai Kitchen to explore the best combinations of beverages and traditional Thai food in Maryland. Besides the cozy dining experience, our Thai restaurant in Maryland also offers some of the best wines and drinks in town.